Montenegro is a beautiful region covered with charming mountains offering also access to a beautiful coastline. Emir and Alice were exploring it between 18 and 24 of April, driving 451 km from the capital city of Podgorica. Along the road, they stopped at six locations including the old castles of Bar and Ulcinj. During their journey, the vloggers met local entrepreneurs to talk about how cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans had created opportunities for them to develop their businesses. These and many other unforgettable experiences were shared daily on the website and social media channels.

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Meet our Vloggers

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Emir Cirikovic

Emir is an outdoor adventure enthusiast dedicated to promoting the natural beauty of the Balkans through social media, blog posts and guided tours. His goal is to nurture economic opportunities and inspire a change in culture to preserve the wonders of his homeland. Emir’s life is about planning the next expedition and working for younger generations to build a better future.

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Alice Franchi

Alice Franchi

Alice has always been asking questions about the complexity of the world. This is why she constantly strives to inform herself, something which she believes lets her see beyond prejudices. In 2019 she became a climate activist using her passion for storytelling to bring people closer to seemingly complex issues. She strongly believes that stories can change the world.


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